How to Type With Voice In Google Docs

Well on this occasion Papuk Toak will give a little tutorial on the use of google drive. Google Drive itself is a cloud computer developed by google inc. Google Drive has the main function as an online storage media (cloud) to store data for google-based email users.

In addition to its function as a storage media, lately there have been many features developed by google in google drive, such as storage of photos, videos, even to create a cloud-based office and so on.


But for now we discuss one of the features of google drive. ok directly yes, if we become a minutes in a meeting or discussion, of course it will be a hassle if we still use the old way, for example write on a paper or write on a PC / Laptop on an application e.g. microsoft word and so on.

To create a resume without having to type we can take advantage of google dock resume where we do not have to type, we just have to record the course of the meeting that will be typed automatically by the system. Curious let's see how directly.


The steps

  1. Make sure your buddy has an email in the form of gmail. why because it's loaded mandatory to access google drive
  2. Open google drive buddy all, then at the top left click new/new and select Google Documen => template => Resume

3. Select one of the available Resume templates and then go to

4. Once open, delete all the writing contents in the template to keep the sheet blank (white)

5. If you have, hover over the tools tab => Voice Typing

6. if you have, the last step click the microphone image to start, if you want to change the language can be selected above the microphone sign and adjust the desired language.

Ok. so many tutorials, if there are suggestions and criticisms please fill in the comments field.

Best Regards Papuk Toak

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