Latest XAMPP 8.0.2 x64

Continue the previous tutorial on Learning Website Programming With XAMPP And Script Editor. The software that Will Papuk Toak share is the Latest XAMPP 8.0.2 x64 is one of the all in one programs consisting of 3 main applications namely apache, mysql, and also phpmyadmin which is very useful for you programmers who work in website development. This software will be very useful for those of you who want to learn to create a web-based apache. This application can act as an apache website server as a simulation of the development of a web. This Latest XAMPP development application supports several popular website development technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and also Perl.

Learn Website Programming With XAMPP And Script Editor

This Latest XAMPP function itself acts as a stand-alone server (LocalHost) consisting of an apache http server program, a MySQL Database written in the PHP and Perl programming languages. The name XAMPP itself has its own meaning. X which means this application can be operated in many operating systems such as windows, linux, Mac, and also Solaris. A which means Apache, M which means MySQL, P which means PHP, and P which means Perl. So now you know it is not the function and meaning of the word XAMPP. So for those of you who are looking for this Latest XAMPP please directly download the latest version at the link below.

Features of XAMPP Latest
  • Regular updates to increase security and various features
  • Easy installation, without the need for occasional user intervention
  • Support for mysql and sql lite management
  • Suitable for managing large content systems
  • Ability to use offline, for website developers

Link Download


XAMPP 8.0.2 x64 (155 Mb)

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